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Overloaded Cereal Bagels from ONALU - The Hottest Bagel Spot in Town!

Bagels have been trending in Singapore for quite some time now - it's no surprise to see Instagram boomerangs of bagels stuffed in hipster kraft paper wrappers, overflowing with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and whatever else you can stuff in a bagel.


Damn, that's new and only available (at least for now but they'll be the OGs) at Onalu, a new bagel spot in town!

You don't even have to be a breakfast person to enjoy this treat!

Onalu specialises in hand-rolled bagels. That's right, none of that mass-produced factory kind.

Every morning, their bagel chef whips up rolls and rolls of freshly baked bagels in flavours such as Original, Sesame and Charcoal.

There are savoury bagel options (we'll get to that later), however, we were most excited to get our hands on their newly launched OVERLOADED CEREAL BAGELS.

#THROWBACK to your childhood with their Fruity Pebbles Bagel!

This baby is made with a fruity pebble bagel base and tons of fruity pebble cream cheese!

While it might sound overly sweet, rest assured that this bagel was perfectly balanced with the saltiness from bagel and sweetness of the cereal cream cheese.

Other overloaded cereal flavours include their Cookie Monster Bagel, which comes with Oreo Cream Cheese, whole Oreo Cookies and Cookie Crisp Cereal sandwiched between a soft and chewy charcoal bagel, and the Waffle Crisp Bagel made with mascarpone cheese and tons of waffle crisps!

Moving on to their main menu items, there are tons of savoury bagels to choose from but here are the 3 we tried and recommend.

This is their B.E.C Bagel, perfect for breakfast lovers!

Stuffed with creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and two slices of flamed torched cheese - this was our favourite savoury bagel.

One thing to note about these bagels is that even being left untouched for a couple of hours (gross, we know, but the camera eats first), the bagels still remained lightly crispy, soft and chewy!

Now that's a hallmark of a perfect bagel.

Nobody likes soggy, tough bagels!

We also tried the Somethin' Fishy Bagel which had FIVE generous rolls of Norweigan Smoked Salmon and the Cheeky Chicks Bagel that came with a HUGE chunk of crispy breaded chicken! Yum!

Finally, Onalu has collaborated with a local bakery Grams to bring to you tons of delicious handmade desserts!

We tried the highly raved Mochi Brownies.

As its name suggests, these dark chocolate brownies are stuffed with huge chunks of hand-rolled mochi balls and boy were they addictive!

If you're a huge fan of dark, fudgy brownies, you'll fall in love with these!

Just take a look at the photograph and you already know how rich and fudgy it's gonna be.

Will we be back for more?




60 Stamford Road


Singapore 178900

Mondays to Fridays 10am to 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 6pm

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