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NEW Soufflé Pancake Cafe in Yishun - The Fluffstack Experience!

If you're a pancake fan, you'd know that not all pancakes are created the same! There are the common western-style pancakes with a denser, heavier texture and the Japanese-style pancakes which are crispier on the outside but oh so soft and fluffy on the inside!

So if you're all about the soft and airy texture, read on because we found these cloud-like pancakes at a new cafe in Yishun Northpoint called Fluff Stack!

Fluffstack has another outlet at Suntec and so this outlet at Yishun is their second outlet.

They specialise in soufflé pancakes - which are made using a meringue technique that gives their pancakes a light and airy bite!

The fluffy pancake batter is freshly whipped up every few minutes and cooked in small batches of 6 on a griddle.

Look at those fluffy mounds of pancake batter! The temperature of the grill is closely monitored to ensure that each pancake batch is made perfectly - golden brown on the outside but still soft and airy in the middle.

Fluffstack has a variety of flavours on the menu but we decided to try out 4 popular flavours.

The first one is a crowd favourite - Hazelnut Chocolate Pancakes!

Not only does it look pretty topped off with crumbs of freeze-dried raspberries, whipped cream, cereal flakes and tons of Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce, the pancakes tasted amazing too!

The star of the show was the Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce which was crazily addictive. The sauce had bits of hazelnut and reminded us of a more atas and indulgent version of Nutella. If only there was free-flow sauce for these delicious pancakes!

We also tried the Strawberry Cheese Pancakes.

The Pancakes were drenched in sweet strawberry syrup and topped off with loads of fresh strawberry chunks!

If you have a sweet tooth, this flavour is perfect for you. We really appreciated how Fluffstack doesn't stinge on the amount of fruits given because there were TONS of strawberries stacked unto the pancakes!

Another favourite of ours was the Passionfruit Mango Pancakes.

The Pancakes were drizzled with tangy Passionfruit sauce and there was an ENTIRE mango that came with the dish!

The mangos were really sweet and refreshing, not a hint of sourness at all!

The final flavour was the Tiramisu Pancakes.

As Fluffstack is Halal certified, their version of Tiramisu is non-alcoholic!

This Pancakes came with tons of caramelised biscuit crumbs and cocoa powder. It might be a little dry for some, but boy were those biscuit crumbs addictive!

Be sure to head down to Fluffstack soon to try their pancakes!



Northpoint City

1 Northpoint Drive

# 02-115

Suntec City Mall

# B1-K4

West Atrium

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