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MALA ABALONE RAMEN - A secret off-menu special from Kure Menya Ramen Restaurant!

With the cold and rainy weather lately, we're sure many are craving comfort food - something that makes us feel happy, warm and satisfied. Well, add this new restaurant to your list because the ramen served here is pretty damn good.

Kure Menya is located in Frasers Tower, a 5-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

It is a ramen speciality shop that uses Chicken (or Tori) instead of Pork for their all their ramen dishes.

Their signature dish would be the Tori Chashu Ramen ($11.90) made with rich and creamy collagen chicken broth and slices of tender, well-marinated chicken Chashu slices!

We were feeling greedy that day and opted for their Tori Fest Ramen ($17.90) that comes with four fat slices of chicken Chashu, huge chunks of tender chicken, a melty ramen egg and chewy ramen noodles soaked in their Signature collagen broth!

We were skeptical about using chicken as Chashu because most ramen places use pork slices instead.

However, we were proven wrong when we took a bite of the chicken Chashu because the chicken was so flavourful and melt-in-your-mouth!

The star of the show, of course, was the collagen broth!

It was so rich and creamy that it was no surprise every single drop of soup was gone even before we were done with the noodles.

Not only does it taste good, the collagen soup also has many nutritional benefits. It is rich in minerals that help strengthen bones, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

On days when you don't feel like drinking soup, try the dry Maze-men ($11.90) that comes in Original or Spicy!

You get 2 slices of chicken Chashu and springy noodles tossed in Kure Menya's secret sauce blend, topped off with sesame seeds and spring onions. Fans of dry Ban mee or Sarawak Kolo Mee will definitely enjoy this Japanese contender!

Finally, Kure Menya has a secret off-menu item: Mala Abalone Ramen ($29.90).

At first glance, the price might be off-putting.

However, we feel that this majestic bowl of ramen is good enough for 2 to share and comes with 5 huge slices of fresh Abalone and a melty Ramen egg!

The ramen is soaked in a thick mala gravy, nicely coating every single strand of noodles.

Piping hot and numbly spicy, this dish is guaranteed to please any mala or spice lover.

Kure Menya as a variety of small fried snacks to go along with the ramen mains.

We recommend the Tori Nacho Bomb ($6.80) - crispy fried balls of minced chicken and vegetables stuffed with a super cheesy nacho centre!

Look at that sweet melted ooze!

You can also order the Cheesy Fried Gyoza ($6.80) that was drenched in tons of nacho cheese sauce.

If you're working around the CBD area or just looking for somewhere new to explore, do try Kure Menya out. This humble store is really worth visiting and something we'd classify as a hidden gem.

Follow their Instagram account @KureMenya to be the first to get exclusive discounts (1-for-1, seasonal promotion, and many more)!

They are also in the midst of preparing for exciting giveaways to return the love to their customers. Prizes include the latest AirPods Pro (worth $379).


Kure Menya

Frasers Tower #02-11

182 Cecil Street

Opened from 11am to 10pm daily.

Kure Menya only uses Halal Certified ingredients.

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