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LARGEST FRIES TUB in Singapore from Shake Shake In A Tub!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Are you crazy about fries?

Cause we've found a speciality fries shop in Singapore with an amazing selection of fries to satisfy a fries lover's dream!

Shake Shake in a Tub has 5 locations islandwide (they are looking to open even more outlets in the next few months) so you can get your fries cravings fixed no matter which part of Singapore you're at!

Take your pick of Shoestring, Criss-cut, Crisper (similar to potato wedges but thinner) or Curly fries, then flavour them when any of Shake Shake in a Tub's 8 signature Seasonings!

They have Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, BBQ, Curry, Mala, Kimchi, Truffle and Salted Caramel!

The fries are tossed into a shaker tub with the chosen seasoning and shaken till each and every fry is coated with the delicious flavour!

All their fries are made using a special fryer that uses less oil. This means less greasy fries and more guilt-free snacking!

Plus, we love that all their fries are only freshly made upon ordering, so you don't get soggy fries or old fries that have been pre-fried and left in the open for hours. Yay!

There are many sizes you can choose from (Regular to Super Giant), depending on how much you want to eat or if you're sharing with a huge group of friends.

But what we were really interested in were their GIANT TUB OF FRIES priced at just $19.90!

Each Giant Tub come with 3 types of fries - Shoestring, Criss-cut and Crisper.

You can choose 1 flavour for each type of fries.

This tub is perfect to bring on picnics, potlucks or a cute Netflix and Chill date!

Apart from fries, you can also get a variety of other fried snacks such as Onion Rings, Popcorn Chicken and their other house signature - Chicken Wings!

The Chicken Wings come in Soy Garlic and Spicy flavour. Then, you can choose to further add on any of the 8 seasonings!

We chose the Soy Garlic with Truffle and it was oh so good.

See you guys at Shake Shake in a Tub!


Shake Shake In a Tub

Northpoint City B2-139

Suntec City B1-K6

Great World City B1-K113

Our Tampines Hub B1-44

Clementi Mall B1-K14

Website: www.shakeshakeinatub.com

Opened daily from 10am to 10pm.

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