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Korean Street Egg Bread in Singapore - Egg Taste at Clementi

If you've been to Korea, you're likely to have seen the famous street-side Korean Egg Bread stalls. These small, oval-shaped pancakes (known as Gyeranppang) are stuffed with an entire egg and have a sweet and buttery pancake-like texture!

Good news is, you can get these delicious treats in Singapore from Egg Taste, a small cosy cafe that specialises in making cute and fluffy Gyeranppang!

Not only can you get the traditional flavour, Egg Taste has also created many other delicious fillings to cater to us Singaporeans!

Here is the most popular flavour among their customers, the Original Kampung Lava Egg flavour ($5).

This flavour is made with tons of cheddar cheese and a whole Kampung egg.

First up, the smell of the bread was already making us drool - you can tell how rich and buttery it was going to be even before biting into it!

The texture of the bread was really fluffy, in fact, we'd say it felt more like biting into a thick stack of fluffy pancakes!

It was served piping hot and when we bit into the bread, the gooey lava egg centre came spilling out and enveloped our mouth in sweet, savoury goodness.

Another popular flavour was the Creamy Cream Cheese ($5).

Just as its name suggests, this bread was filled generously with tons of cream cheese and cheddar cheese.

If you're a cheese lover, this is perfect for you! Be prepared for a cheese explosion from the gooey and decadent melted cheese centre.

Our personal favourite was the Chocolate Cheesy bread ($5).

While the combination might sound a little weird, the sweetness from the chocolate paired really well with the added savoury cheddar.

Once again, we love how thick and gooey the centre was.

While each serving of bread might look small, they were actually really satisfying and filling!

Egg Taste has a savoury option as well, which is the Ham & Cheese ($5).

You get an enormous amount of Ham & Cheese filling stuffed into each bread!

Finally, for all Durian lovers, you'd be pleased to hear that they serve D24 Durian flavour ($6) as well!

Look at the huge chunk of aromatic and delicious durian meat! Definitely worth the premium price as Egg Taste does not stinge on fillings at all.

While the highlight of the cafe revolves around their Korean Egg Bread, Egg Taste also serves up traditional homemade Flour Vermicelli Soup!

Ranging from just $4.50, you get a huge bowl of steaming hot noodles topped off with various premium ingredients!

We got the Shrimp Queen Flour Vermicelli ($7) that came with fresh prawns, pork shoulder meat, clams and quail eggs.

We loved the rich, savoury broth and starchy vermicelli noodles - this is the perfect comfort food for a rainy day!

If you're heading down to Egg Taste, be sure to grab a hot bowl of soup noodles along with their Egg Bread as a dessert to end your meal.

Plus, Egg Taste is having a couple of promotions:

Purchase 2 or more Egg Bread and get their signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk for just $2! (U.P. $4.50)

Buy 5 get 1 free promotion for Korean Egg Bread!

This is an opportunity to let your family and friends together (or just pig out by yourself) and try all the flavours of Egg Bread on their menu!


Egg Taste (Ah Yang Cafe)

Follow them on Instagram at @eggtastesg!

1 West Coast Drive


Singapore 128020


We recommend the Kampung Lava Egg Bread, Creamy Cream Cheese Egg Bread, Chocolate Cheesy Egg Bread and Shrimp Queen Flour Vermicelli.

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