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Japanese Meringue Pancakes in Belle-Ville at Bugis!

Are you a huge fan of Pancakes?

If so, you're in for a treat at Pancake Cafe Belle-ville, which serves up delicious Japanese Meringue Style pancakes in huge stacks!

Many pancake or waffle shops tend to pre-make their batter and leave it sitting there the whole day.

However, at Belle-ville, their batter is made FRESH upon order. That's right! Your fluffy and jiggly pancakes are whipped up on the spot and you can watch the entire process from their open kitchen countertop!

Dollops of the airy pancake mixture are then transferred unto their pancake griddle.

It was so satisfying seeing the pancake rounds turn golden brown and being flipped over with the chef's expert precision!

They have quite a huge selection of pancake flavours for you to choose from.

You can get a stack of 4 pieces starting from $7.90 or a stack of 8 pieces from $11.90 and add on whatever toppings you like, such as ice-cream and syrup!

We got a massive 8 piece tower of their Chocolate & Grilled Banana Pancake.

This dish is made with a banana blended pancake batter and topped off with rich Hokkaido cream, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup.

The pancakes were delightfully soft and fluffy without being too overwhelmingly sweet!

For those with a sweet tooth, there is free flow maple syrup provided at each table so you can drench your pancake tower in as much sugary goodness as you desire!

We decided to try another creation - Strawberry & Mixed Berry Pancakes.

This was a much more flavourful dessert - each pancake was layered with delicious tangy mixed berries and Hokkaido cream, plus it was topped off with fresh fruits and chocolate sauce.

If you love berries, this is a definite must-try! Plus, we felt it was the prettiest dish in the whole cafe too.

While Belle-ville might not be particularly known for their ice-cream, we were pleasantly surprised by the Chocolate Parfait, which is something we would definitely come back for.

Their Chocolate Parfait is made with layers of crunchy cereal, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, caramelized bananas, Hokkaido Cream, chocolate syrup and a mini fluffy pancake!

The most addictive part of the parfait was the silky, smooth Hokkaido Cream.

It had a texture thicker than normal whipped cream and was very milky with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Do pay a visit to Belle-ville if you're around Bugis! Or, if you're simply craving for a dessert on a hot sunny day, make a trip down. We promise you it'll be worth it!

Pancake Cafe Belle-ville

230 Victoria Street


Singapore 188024

Opened from 11 am to 8 pm daily.

Recommended Dishes: Strawberry & Mixed Berries Pancakes, Chocolate Parfait.

This is an independent review from Nibbles.

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