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Creamy Cereal King Prawn Pasta - The Herit8ge Experience!

Singaporeans LOVE cereal butter prawns!

There is something addictive about cereal prawns - that delicious hint of spiciness from the chilli padis, along with toasty, milky cereal crumbs and savoury curry leaves, somehow all these elements blend so well together to create a dish we all order at our usual zhi char place!

Soon came along modern renditions of this local favourite and we started seeing Butter Cereal fusion dishes pop up at cafes. So far, among the few establishments we visited, we felt that the best cereal butter prawn fusion dish was at Herit8ge in Jewel Changi Airport!

This is the Empress Prawn Pasta - Herit8ge's version of a cereal prawn fusion dish.

Visually, this dish is amazing. The towering, fried prawns coated with tons of cereal along with two fried mantou buns on top of the creamy pasta makes a really good picture.

Of course, all dishes should taste as good as they look and in terms of taste, this Pasta was simply amazing.

First up, the creamy butter sauce wasn't overly thick or rich and nicely coated each and every spaghetti strand! We love how the sweet, crispy cereal bits gave a nice crunchy texture to the pasta.

Similar to traditional cereal prawn dishes - the pasta was slightly spicy and sweet at the same time. We assure you, you'll manage to finish the entire dish on your own because it was that addictive.

The two King Prawns were juicy and meaty, plus you get two fluffy mantou buns to soak up whatever sauce left on the plates when you're done with the pasta!

Next, we ordered the Hainanese Cordon Bleu - you get 2 breaded pork loins wrapped around a nacho cheese ham centre that was piping hot and oozing out when it arrived.

The pork loin portion was HUGE and extremely meaty! This dish is perfect for those who are looking to get their protein fix in.

The dish also came along with tangy sweet and sour tomato sauce and helped to ease the richness of the cheese-y pork loins.

For the sides, we decided to go with their Kong Bak Bao.

This is no ordinary Kong Bak Bao - Herit8ge's version uses Mexican Style braised pork belly with capsicum and onions sandwiched between two fried and fluffy mantou buns.

Surprisingly, this would be our favourite dish out of the 3 (but the rest are still amazing). As unassuming as this basket of baos look, the meat chunks were super sweet and flavourful and the portions were generous!

Finally, we ended off our meal with their 7-layer Rainbow Cake and their best selling Chendol Kopi.

The cake was soft and fluffy, layered with a sweet cream that tasted like yoghurt.

The Chendol Kopi was more the interesting one - you get a glass of local kopi mixed with grass jelly and brown sugar syrup along with a small cup of green chendol jelly.

It was fun pouring the chendol jelly into the drink and mixing it all up, but of course the separate colours soon became a uniform milky brown so take your pictures fast!

The Kopi might not exactly taste like chendol and can be quite sweet for those who like a stronger coffee taste but we still recommend trying it out!

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Herit8ge! Every single dish was delicious and we would definitely come back to try other fusion creations such as their Laksa Pandan Chiffon Cake and Char Siew Pork Ribs!



Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Boulevard


Singapore 819666


This was an independent review by Nibbles.

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