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1-for-1 Melty Japanese Skewers and Scallop Broth Hotpot at Amazing Hokkaido!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Get transported to Japan and live out the authentic Hokkaido dining experience with Amazing Hokkaido at Robertson Quay!

This Hokkaido themed restaurant is decked out in tons of colourful Japanese banners and bright colours and so as you step in, you'd feel as if you were really dining in a bustling Hokkaido restaurant at a traditional Japanese seafood market!

One of the restaurant specialities would be their meatball skewers or Tsukune.

These fat and round meatball skewers are made with chicken and come in a huge variety of different flavours such as Curry, Mentaiko, Garlic and Wasabi!

The meat had an amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture and was bursting with flavour. Plus, they are only grilled and marinated upon ordering, so you can be sure to get piping hot meatball skewers delivered fresh on your plate!

As Amazing Hokkaido is celebrating their 1st anniversary this month, they are having a 1-for-1 promotion on their melty skewers!

Simply order their Signature skewer, Muroran Yakitori (made with melty pork and is oh-s0-addictive) and get any choice of their Chicken Meatball Tsukune (worth $3.90) for free.

Amazing Hokkaido also specialises in their Hokkaido Hotpot made with rich Scallop broth!

This Hokkaido-style hotpot is served as an individual portion so you get the freedom of choosing whatever ingredients you want, as well as the base flavour without bickering with your friends.

We had the Original flavour, which was made with rich broth extracted from Hokkaido Scallops.

Each hotpot set comes with vegetables, tofu, squid and a couple of fresh-cut sashimi selections imported from Japan!

Feel free to add on any extras such as ramen noodles, cream cheese (to make your soup rich and creamy!), black cod and so much more!

For a limited time only till 10th October, each hotpot order gets a FREE side dish!

Take your pick from Edamame, Mentaiko Potatoes, Deep-fried chicken wings, Tori Karaage, Hotate Croquette and Negi Toro Maki.

Finally, if you're looking to splurge or impress that date of yours, we recommend ordering their Tokujo tower of Fresh Sashimi ($69.90), flown all the way from Hokkaido!

This towering dish has Tuna Akami, Sea Urchin, Fatty Tuna, Salmon Roe, Octopus, Salmon, Scallop, Oyster, Sweet Shrimp and Crab Meat.

Another must-try is their BURSTING Ikura bowl ($39.90), where you get a crazy huge serving of Ikura topped on a bowl of Japanese pearl rice!

This is the most FUN dish to order!

You'd get a personalised drummer, drumming and shouting at your table while heaps of Ikura are being spooned unto the rice right in front of your very eyes!

See you at Amazing Hokkaido soon!


Amazing Hokkaido

30 Robertson Quay

#01-16 Riverside View

Singapore 238251

Opened from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm daily.

Closed on Tuesdays.

For the promotion:

Each table is only limited to 2 sets of 1-for-1 skewers. One of the skewers must be the Muroran Yakitori and the chosen Chicken Meatball Tsukune has to be a lower value.

Promotion is only valid for dine-in.

Promotion not valid on Tuesdays (closed), Fridays and Saturdays.

Last orders at 10pm

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