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Affordable Japanese Dining in Singapore at One Sushi - $1 Sushi Plates!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Japanese cuisine is definitely not a cheap option when it comes to dining out in Singapore - somehow all those little sushi plates add up to quite a sum when you get the bill at the cashier!

However, we recently found a restaurant called One Sushi that sells $1 Sushi Plates.

That's right, for just $1, you get a huge variety of sushi and sides to feast on without worrying too much about the bill!

One Sushi is located conveniently near Yishun MRT, just a short 5 minutes walk and you'll be able to reach the restaurant!

As this Japanese eatery is located behind Northpoint Shopping Mall where human traffic is low, many might have missed out on this hidden gem.

One Sushi prides itself in being affordable for all so that everyone can enjoy Japanese food and "not think too much" about the cost when dining out.

Their $1 sushi menu was pretty huge and mind you, they came in pairs.

How affordable is that?!

Customers get more than 30 sushi options that include a huge range of fresh fish such as Maguro, Salmon, Saba and Hamachi. You can also get Unagi, Smoked Duck and Mentaiko drenched Tamago, Ebi and Corn!

Saba Gunkan

Spicy Salmon Gunkan

Mentai Tamago Gunkan

Of course, if you're willing to splurge a little more, you can get other premium options such as the Foie Gras that is made with a secret in-house sauce and cooked to perfection!

Their Foie Gras was extremely buttery and had a delicate melt-in-your-mouth texture. For just $7.80, you get two FAT slices of Foie Gras on rice. So worth it!

One Sushi also does special promotions each month. In the month of July, we got their promoted 8-piece Salmon Mentai Sushi set for just $13.80 (U.P. $19.20).

That's about $1.70 per piece!

Their Mentaiko sauce is also specially made in-house and not factory produced.

The slightly charred and creamy sauce was so addictive and paired well with the fresh salmon slices that we polished off the entire plate within minutes!

Finally, we decided to give their main dishes a try.

We were craving for something warm and comforting and decided on their Ebi Fry Curry.

This simple curry dish was surprisingly good and is something we would come back for again.

The fried Japanese shrimps were perfectly crispy and not oily at all!

In addition, the panko breadcrumbs used for these shrimps are chunkier than most restaurants. This unique twist gave the crust a thicker, delightful airy crunch.

The star of the show, however, was the curry sauce.

The gravy was thick and had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury notes. It came with generous chunks of boiled potatoes too!

Overall, One Sushi is definitely a place to visit if you're looking for a budget sushi treat. We have to admit that the quality of the sashimi slices cannot rival those of up-market restaurants, but it does help to satisfy your sushi cravings without breaking the bank!


One Sushi

3 Northpoint Drive

Yishun Town Square #01-04

Singapore 768020

Operating Hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm daily

Recommended Dishes: Spicy Salmon Gunkan ($1), Mentai Tamago Gunkan ($1), Salmon Mentai Sushi ($13.90), Ebi Fry Curry ($8.80) and Foie Gras Gunkan ($7.80).

$1 Sushi Plates are available for the whole day every Monday to Thursday.


This is an independent review by Nibbles.

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