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AFFORDABLE and INDULGENT Chirashi Don at SENS Sushi & Grill in Holland Village!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Chirashi Don is a popular Japanese dish among many Singaporeans. Not only is it healthy and a great source of protein, the dish is incredibly refreshing and delicious!

If you’re one of its fans, we’ve found another contender that may just rival your favourite Chirashi Don hangout!

SENS Sushi & Grill is a Japanese Restaurant hidden in the basements of Raffles Holland V Mall. In fact, it’s so well hidden (you have to navigate through a supermarket before getting to its front entrance) that many local celebrities love to dine at this “secret Japanese Restaurant”! They have an extensive menu of Japanese Rice Bowls, Seafood, Sushi and more, but their Signature Hokkaido Treasure Don is a MUST-TRY when you visit.

For just $39.50 (U.P. $76.50), this Treasure Don is packed with so much fresh sashimi that is really value for money! You get thick cut slices of Salmon, Scallops, Hamachi, Ikuura, Amaebi and even an entire tray of CREAMY UNI! This price is for a limited time only so you have to head down to grab a bowl for yourself ASAP!

Another Signature MUST-TRY at SENS is their Oishi Maki. If overflowing, indulgent sushi is your thing, you’ll definitely fall in love with this dish. First off - this Maki is HUGE. We weren’t expecting it as none of its pictures did it any justice, but when it arrived, each Maki Roll was almost the size of a palm! This is because the Oishi Maki is made with Fat King Prawns that have been fried to golden perfection and topped off with thick slices of Salmon Sashimi! The Maki is then topped off with tons of rich and creamy flame-torched Mentaiko Sauce, huge spoonfuls of Ikura and a secret housemade sauce. Not only does it taste good, this Maki is super Insta-worthy with its decorations of edible flowers!

Apart from these 2 Signature Dishes, other memorable dishes include their Beef Suki Yaki (perfect for rainy days), Dash Maki, Fresh Oysters, Buttery Clams, Charcoal Grilled Unagi and the melt-in-your-mouth Miyazaki Beef Cubes.

We love how the Dash Maki is made from scratch so when it arrives, the sweet Japanese egg was all warm and fluffy!

If you’re willing to splurge, go for the Miyazaki Beef Cubes. Known for the intense marbling, this beef is addictively melt-in-your-mouth, cooked to perfection with a light pink centre and a seared, well seasoned exterior.

See you at SENS Sushi & Grill! And perhaps, you might be lucky enough to spot a celebrity or two.


📍: SENS Sushi & Grill

Raffles Holland V Mall

118 Holland Ave

# B1-12/13

Singapore 278997

🕐 Opened daily from 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm

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